Poster Sessions

  • Guidelines for poster sessions

  • The maximum allowed paper size is A0 (height x width: 1189 x 841 mm - 46,8 x 33,1 in)

    Poster Session 1 - Tuesday, September 3

  • Reliability of results and fairness in the comparison of rates among 3D facial expression recognition works
    Gilderlane Ribeiro Alexandre, George André Pereira Thé and José Marques Soares
  • On the Null-Space of the Shape-Color Moment Invariants
    Jan Flusser and Jitka Kostková
  • Variational Optical Flow: Warping and Interpolation Revisited
    Georg Radow and Michael Breuß
  • Robust histogram estimation under Gaussian noise
    Jitka Kostková and Jan Flusser
  • A discrete approach for polygonal approximation of irregular noise contours
    Phuc Ngo
  • Learning the Graph edit distance parameters for point-set image registration
    Francesc Serratosa, Shaima Algabli and Jose Luis Santacruz Muñoz
  • Computer-Aided Detection System for Diabetic Retinopathy using Retinal Fundus Images
    Adrian Kind and George Azzopardi
  • An adaptive copy-move forgery detection using wavelet coefficients multiscale decay
    Vittoria Bruni, Giuliana Ramella and Domenico Vitulano
  • Real Time Object Detection On Aerial Imagery
    Raghav Sharma, Rohit Pandey and Aditya Nigam
  • Comparison of Deep Learning-Based Recognition Techniques for Medical and Biomedical Images
    Tomas Majtner and Esmaeil S. Nadimi
  • Retrieved Image Refinement by Bootstrap Outlier Test
    Hayato Watanabe, Hideitsu Hino, Shotaro Akaho and Noboru Murata
  • MDAD: A Multimodal and multiview in-vehicle Driver Action Dataset
    Imen Jegham, Anouar Ben Khalifa, Ihsen Alouani and Mohamed Ali Mahjoub
  • Robust Classification of Head Pose from Low Resolution Images
    Mohammad Khaki, Issa Ayoub, Abbas Javadtalab and Hussein Al Osman
  • Forecasting of meteorological weather time series through a feature vector based on correlation
    Mery Milagros Paco Ramos, Reynaldo Alfonte Zapana and Cristian Cristian López Del Alamo
  • Smart Monitoring of Crops using Generative Adversarial Network
    Hamideh Kerdegari, Manzoor Razaak, Vasileios Argyriou and Paolo Remagnino
  • A CNN based HEp-2 specimen image segmentation and identification of Mitotic Spindle type specimens
    Krati Gupta, Arnav Bhavsar and Anil Sao
  • Unsupervised routine discovery in egocentric photo-streams
    Estefania Talavera, Nicolai Petkov and Petia Radeva
  • Color Visual Cryptography with Completely Randomly Coded Colors
    Arkadiusz Orlowski and Leszek J. Chmielewski
  • Using the properties of primate motion sensitive neurons to extract camera motion and depth from brief 2-D monocular image sequences
    John Perrone, Michael Cree and Mohammad Hedayati
  • Refined deep learning for digital objects recognition via Betti invariants
    Darian Onchis, Codruta Istin and Pedro Real
  • Real-time micro-expression detection in unlabeled long videos using Optical Flow and LSTM neural network
    Jing Ding, Zi Tian, Xiangwen Lyu, Quande Wang, Bochao Zou and Haiyong Xie
  • A Global-Matching Framework for Multi-View Stereopsis
    Wendong Mao, Minglun Gong, Xin Huang, Hao Cai, and Zili Yi
  • Quality analysis of fingerprint images using local phase quantization
    Ram Prakash Sharma and Somnath Dey
  • Intrinsic Calibration of Depth Cameras for Mobile Robots using a Radial Laser Scanner
    David Zuñiga-Noël, Jose-Raul Ruiz-Sarmiento and Javier Gonzalez-Jimenez
  • Multilinear Subspace Method based on Geodesic Distance for Volumetric Object Classification
    Hayato Itoh and Atsushi Imiya

    Poster Session 2 - Wednesday, September 4

  • 3D Color CLUT Compression by Multi-Scale Anisotropic Diffusion
    David Tschumperlé, Christine Porquet and Amal Mahboubi
  • Analysis of Skill Improvement Process Based on Movement of Gaze and Hand in Assembly Task
    Yohei Kawase and Manabu Hashimoto
  • Hybrid Function Sparse Representation towards Image Super Resolution
    Junyi Bian, Baojun Lin and Ke Zhang
  • Toward New Spherical Harmonic Shannon Entropy For Surface Modelin
    Malika Jallouli, Wafa Belhaj Khalifa, Anouar Ben Mabrouk and Mohamed Ali Mahjoub
  • Over time RF fitting for Jitter Free 3D Vertebra Reconstruction from Video Fluoroscopy
    Ioannis Ioannidis and Hammadi Nait-Charif
  • Challenges and methods of violence detection in surveillance video: A survey
    Wafa Lejmi, Anouar Ben Khalifa and Mohamed Ali Mahjoub
  • Uncertainty Based Adaptive Projection Selection Strategy for Binary Tomographic Reconstruction
    Gabor Leko, Szilveszter Domany and Peter Balazs
  • Non-Contact Heart Rate Monitoring Using Multiple RGB Cameras
    Hamideh Ghanadian and Hussein Al Osman
  • An efficient Anaglyph 3D Video Watermarking Approach based on Hybrid Insertion
    Dorra Dhaou, Saoussen Ben Jabra and Ezzeddine Zagrouba
  • Automatic identification of Holstein cattle using a non-invasive computer vision approach
    Amey Bhole, Owen Falzon, Michael Biehl and George Azzopardi
  • DeepNautilus: a Deep Learning based system for Nautical Engines Live Vibration processing
    Rosario Carbone, Raffaele Montella, Fabio Narducci and Alfredo Petrosino
  • Binary code for the compact palmprint representation using texture features
    Agata Giełczyk, Gian Luca Marcialis and Michał Choraś
  • Handwriting analysis to support Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis: a preliminary study
    Nicole Dalia Cilia, Claudio De Stefano, Francesco Fontanella, Mario Molinara and Alessandra Scotto Di Freca
  • Geometrical and Statistical Properties of the Rational Order Pyramid Transform and Dilation Filtering
    Kento Hosoya, Kouki Nozawa and Atsushi Imiya
  • Personal identity verification by EEG-based network representation on a portable device
    Giulia Orrù, Marco Garau, Matteo Fraschini, Javier Acedo, Luca Didaci, David Ibáñez, Aureli Soria-Frish and Gian Luca Marcialis
  • Class-conditional data augmentation applied to image classification
    Eduardo Aguilar and Petia Radeva
  • Fabric Classification and Matching using CNN and Siamese Network for E-commerce
    Chandrakant Sonawane, Dipendra Pratap Singh, Raghav Sharma, Aditya Nigam and Arnav Bhavsar
  • Real-Time Style Transfer With Strength Control
    Victor Kitov
  • Faster Visual-Based Localization with Mobile-PoseNet
    Claudio Cimarelli, Dario Cazzato, Miguel A. Olivares-Mendez and Holger Voos
  • Unsupervised Effectiveness Estimation through Intersection of Ranking References
    João Gabriel Camacho Presotto, Lucas Pascotti Valem and Daniel Carlos Guimarães Pedronette
  • Joint correlation measurements for PRNU-based source identification
    Vittoria Bruni, Alessandra Salvi and Domenico Vitulano
  • Detecting Sub-Image Replicas: Retrieval and Localization of Zoomed-in Images
    Afraa Ahmad Alyosef and Andreas Nuernberger
  • Homogeneity Index as Stopping Criterion for Anisotropic Diffusion Filter
    Fernando Pereira dos Santos and Moacir Antonelli Ponti
  • Adaptive Image Binarization Based on Multi-Layered Stack of Regions
    Hubert Michalak and Krzysztof Okarma
  • A system for controlling how carefully surgeons are cleaning their hands
    Luca Greco, Gennaro Percannella, Pierluigi Ritrovato, Alessia Saggese and Mario Vento
  • Evaluating impacts of motion correction on Deep Learning approaches for breast DCE-MRI segmentation and classification
    Antonio Galli, Michela Gravina, Stefano Marrone, Gabriele Piantadosi, Mario Sansone and Carlo Sansone

    Poster Session 3 - Thursday, September 5

  • A two step system based on Deep Transfer Learning for writer identification in medieval books
    Mario Molinara, Francesco Fontanella, Nicole Dalia Cilia, Claudio Marrocco, Claudio De Stefano and Alessandra Scotto Di Freca
  • Restoration of Colour Images using Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with Reflection
    Dariusz Borkowski
  • Sound transformation: Applying Image Neural Style Transfer Networks to Audio Spectograms
    Xuehao Liu, Sarah Jane Delany and Susan McKeever
  • Timber Tracing with Multimodal Encoder-Decoder Networks
    Fedor Zolotarev, Tuomas Eerola, Lasse Lensu, Heikki Kälviäinen, Heikki Haario, Jere Heikkinen and Tomi Kauppi
  • Binary Classification using Pairs of Minimum Spanning Trees or N-ary Trees
    Riccardo La Grassa, Ignazio Gallo, Alessandro Calefati and Dimitri Ognibene
  • Estimating the noise level function with the tree of shapes and non-parametric statistics
    Baptiste Esteban, Guillaume Tochon and Thierry Geraud
  • Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Plant Species Characterization Based on Leaf Midrib
    Leonardo Scabini, Rayner Condori, Isabella Munhoz and Odemir Bruno
  • Towards an Automatic Annotation of French Sign language Videos: Detection of Lexical Signs
    Hussein Chaaban, Michèle Gouiffes and Annelies Braffort
  • Orthogonal Affine Invariants from Gaussian-Hermite Moments
    Jan Flusser, Tomáš Suk and Bo Yang
  • A Web-Based System to Assess Texture Analysis Methods and Datasets
    Alex Farfán, Leonardo Scabini and Odemir Bruno
  • TRINet: Tracking and Re-Identification Network for Multiple Targets in Egocentric Videos using LSTMs
    Jyoti Nigam and Renu Rameshan
  • Digital Signature based Control Integrity for JPEG HDR images
    Meha Hachani and Azza Ouled Zaid
  • FS2Net: Fiber Structural Similarity Network (FS2Net) for Rotation Invariant Brain Tractography Segmentation using Stacked LSTM based Siamese Network
    Ranjeet Ranjan Jha, Shreyas Patil, Aditya Nigam and Arnav Bhavsar
  • Master and Rookie Networks for Person Re-Identication
    Danilo Avola, Marco Cascio, Luigi Cinque, Alessio Fagioli, Gian Luca Foresti and Cristiano Massaroni
  • Knee Osteoarthritis detection using Power Spectral Density: Data from the OsteoArthritis Initiative
    Abdelbasset Brahim, Rabia Riad and Rachid Jennane
  • Object Instance Segmentation in Digital Terrain Models
    Bashir Kazimi, Frank Thiemann and Monika Sester
  • Improvement of Image Denoising Algorithms by Preserving the Edges
    Ram Krishna Pandey, Harpreet Singh and Ramakrishnan A G
  • Fast landmark recognition in photo albums
    Pierre Stefani and Cristina Oprean
  • Fast and robust detection of solar modules in electroluminescence images
    Mathis Hoffmann, Vincent Christlein, Bernd Doll, Florian Talkenberg, Christoph Brabec and Andreas Maier
  • Large field / close-up image classification: From simple to very complex features
    Quyet Tien Le, Patricia Ladret, Huu Tuan Nguyen and Alice Caplier
  • Enhancing Low Quality Face Image Matching by Neurovisually Inspired Deep Learning
    Apurba Das and Pallavi Saha
  • On the Computation of the Euler Characteristic of Binary Images in the Triangular Grid
    Lidija Comic and Andrija Blesić
  • Embedded Prototype Subspace Classification: A subspace learning framework
    Anders Hast, Mats Lind and Ekta Vats
  • Feature GANs: A model for Data Enhancement And Sample Balance of Foreign Object Detection in High Voltage Transmission Lines
    Dou Yimin, Yu Xiangru and Li Jinping
  • A challenging voice dataset for robotic applications in noisy environments
    Antonio Roberto, Alessia Saggese and Mario Vento